The Great Wall of China in history

The Great Wall of China was intended primarily to protect the cities, agricultural fields, and trade routes of settled farmers from raids and invasions by nomadic peoples from the north and west.

China’s ‘League of Legends’ Criticized for Rewriting History

China’s hit mobile game “Honour of Kings” was criticized by a Party newspaper article for misrepresenting historic figures.

Yellow Turban Rebellion

The Yellow Turban Rebellion was a peasant revolt in China against the Han dynasty. The uprising broke out in the year 184 during the reign of Emperor Ling. It took 21 years until the uprising...

The influence of An Lushan Rebellion

The An Lushan Rebellion was a devastating rebellion against the Tang dynasty of China. The rebellion overtly began on 16 December 755, when general An Lushan declared himself emperor in Northern China, thus establishing...

British expedition to Tibet (1903–1904)

The authorities in British India renewed their interest in Tibet in the late 19th century, and a number of Indians entered the region, first as explorers and then as traders. Treaties regarding Tibet were...

Destruction Of Chinese Books In The Peking Siege Of 1900

PAPER The destruction of cultural treasures has attracted the fascination of scholars for centuries and no more than in modern times. Since before Alexandria, the effects of natural and human disasters on books and libraries...

The technical encyclopedia of the Tiangong Kaiwu

The Tiangong Kaiwu (天工開物), or The Exploitation of the Works of Nature was a Chinese encyclopedia compiled by Song Yingxing. It was published in May 1637 with funding provided by Song's patron Tu Shaokui. The...

China’s Grand Canal

The largest canal in the world, the Grand Canal of China wends its way through four provinces, beginning at Beijing and ending at Hangzhou.  It ties together two of the greatest rivers in the...

What Was the Cultural Revolution?

Between 1966 and 1976, the young people of China rose up in an effort to purge the nation of the "Four Olds": old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas.

Reforms in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (太平天国) was an oppositional state in China from 1851 to 1864, supporting the overthrow of the Qing dynasty by Hong Xiuquan and his followers.

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