The equal-field system to reduce inequality and improve productivity

 land-equalization system was a historical system of land ownership and distribution in China used from the Six Dynasties to mid-Tang dynasty.

The Grand Canal that serves not only as a means of transportation

The Jing-Hang Grand Canal linking the Yellow River and Yangtze River nominally runs between Beijing and Hangzhou over a total length of 1,794 km. Its main role throughout its history was the transport of grain to the capital. 

Eunuchs, castration and court service

The eunuchs at the Forbidden City during the later Qing period were infamous for their corruption, stealing as much as they could. The position of eunuch at the Forbidden City offered such opportunities for theft and corruption and China was such a poor country that countless men willingly become eunuchs in order to live a better life.

Jing Ke’s failed assassination attempt of Qin King

The last and by far most famous of assassins in Sima Qian’s chronicles is Jing Ke, the man who tried and nearly succeeded in killing the king of Qin, better known for his later...

Imperial examination of Han Dynasty

Chinese imperial examinations were a civil service examination system in Imperial China to select candidates for the state bureaucracy. The exams were based on knowledge of the classics and literary style, not technical expertise, and successful candidates were generalists who shared...

Partition of Jin into three states

Jin was unique among the major states in a major respect; whereas other states often enfeoffed the cadet branches of the ruling house, Jin had a policy of exiling or disempowering its own cadet houses.

Great Flood of China

In ancient times, it was believed that the Yellow River flowed from Heaven as a continuation of the Milky Way.

Burying the Scholars Alive: On the Origin of a Confucian Martyrs’ Legend

The alleged misdeeds of Qin Shihuang climaxing in his order to bury four hundred and sixty Confucian scholars alive, made material for an often-recalled story during two millennia.

Banquet at Hongmen

King Xiang accepted the jade and put it on the table. Yafu took the jade pecks, put them on the ground and broke them with his sword, saying (to Xiang Yu): "Ah! You idiot, I cannot help you! It shall be Pei Gong who will defeat you. We all will be imprisoned by him!" Upon arriving in his camp, Pei Gong executed Cao Wushang.

Trump outraged South Koreans by saying Korea used to be part of China. Is...

In the traditional Chinese Confucian view of the world, China is the Middle Kingdom between heaven and Earth, and everywhere else on Earth is subordinate to some degree.

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