Transition from Sui Dynasty to Tang Dynasty

The transition from Sui to Tang started roughly around 613 when Emperor Yang of Sui launched his first of three failed campaigns against Goguryeo, and ended in 628, when Emperor Gaozu's son Li Shimin annexed the agrarian rebel ruler Liang Shidu's state of Liang.

Emperor Taizong of Tang hoped for long lasting peace for his dynasty

We must make sure both the emperor and his officials behave with caution until the end. This way the country shall have long lasting peace, better than the old times

Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty talks about governance

When a government is corrupt and its ruler is failing its people, the people would be pleased to see its collapse. Then the whole country would welcome a new leader.

Women in the Tang Dynasty

Concepts of women's social rights and social status during the Tang era were notably liberal-minded for the period.

Tang dynasty in Short

According to historian Mark Edward Lewis: Most Chinese regard the Tang dynasty (618-907) as the high point of Imperial China, both politically and culturally. The empire reached its greatest size prior to the Manchu...

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