Life and Society of Song Dynasty

The Song dynasty was an era of administrative sophistication and complex social organization. Some of the largest cities in the world were found in China during this period (Kaifeng and Hangzhou had populations of over...

皋陶謨 – Counsels of Gao-yao

Examining into antiquity, (we find that) Gao-Yao said, 'If (the sovereign) sincerely pursues the course of his virtue, the counsels (offered to him) will be intelligent, and the aids (of admonition that he receives)...

Li Si: one of the most important figures in Chinese history

Li Si (Chinese: 李斯; c. 280 BC – September or October 208 BC) was a Chinese politician of the Qin dynasty. He served as the Chancellor (or Prime Minister) of the Qin dynasty from 246–208...

Li Si, most capable politician behind the unified Qin empire

Believing in a highly bureaucratic system, Li Si is considered to have been central to the efficiency of the state of Qin and the success of its military conquest. He was also instrumental in systematizing standard measures and currency in post-unified China.

Qiu Chuji: the Taoist monk who pacified Genghis Khan

Qiu Chuji (丘处机; 1148 – 23 July 1227), also known Changchun zi (長春子) was one of the Seven Daoist Disciples of Wang Chongyang, founder of the Quanzhen School of Taoism in the 12th century during the...

Li Shizhen and his Compendium

Li Shizhen (李時珍, July 3, 1518  – 1593),  was a Han Chinese polymath, medical doctor, scientist, pharmacologist, herbalist and acupuncturist of the Ming dynasty. His major contribution to clinical medicine was his 27-year work,...

Xuanzang’s pilgrimage

The Buddhist monk Xuanzang (玄奘, 602–664 ) became famous for his seventeen-year overland journey to India, which is recorded in detail in the classic Chinese text Great Tang Records on the Western Regions, which in...

Common people in the Qing Dynasty

The most significant fact of early and mid-Qing social history was population growth. The population doubled during the 18th century. People in this period were also remarkably on the move. There is evidence suggesting...

Original Record of the Five Gods (or five emperors)

Huangti (Yellow god) was the son of Shaotien. His surname was Kungsun, and his prename Hsienyüan. Born a genius he could speak when a baby, as a boy he was quick and smart, as a...

Sima Qian: the Grand Historian

Sima Qian (c. 145 or 135 – 86 BC) was a Chinese historian of the Han dynasty. He is considered the father of Chinese historiography for his Records of the Grand Historian. Although the style and form of...

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