We live in a world of constant changes. History is a mirror. To know about the future and what actions we should take, we should first have an understanding of the past. Every person has his fortunes, and we can change bad fortunes into good ones by understanding how things in the past have gradually evolved into the present.

A 16-year-old girl Beau Jessup from Scotland came back from a visit to China and had an idea to start a website to give English names to Chinese babies. She offers three options to every customer telling about the history of English names and their family stories. In a short time, she was able to serve 200 thousand Chinese and make fifty thousand pounds.

In the past, personal success relied more on family background, education, resources, and human relations; in future, knowledge, entrepreneurship, individual characters and idealism may play a more important role in life success. People with dreams or who dare to dream can have a better chance to change their fortunes.

In the past thirty years, people would love to have a decent job with good pay, working from 9 to 5; in the future, there will be more freelancers. More people would like to work for themselves with more freedom. Instead of a relation of employer and employee, a new structure of platform and freelancers shall take the stage. There shall be people with interest focus in details, making things to the finest, and there will never be lacking huge working groups and professional teams to undertake large projects. Employment shall be replaced with collaboration in more and more jobs.

It gets easier for individuals to produce any products. In the industrial age, this process would normally be divided into the creation of ideas, presentation of samples, orders, production, and marketing. In the information age, when an idea is created and presented onto a platform, there will be orders; then production is going to be personalized and delivered to the hands of end users.

In the future, trust and faith is getting more important. Trust links a personal’s capabilities on the back end and his fortune on the front end. Rules of conduct are becoming more important as well. A person with bad morality shall not hold long in society and his fame and wealth will depend more and more on moral characters. The internet is building a net based on trust and those who hold on to this can have a better chance to win big.

Nowadays almost everyone uses a computer or iphone; most people would go to Google, Youtube, or Alibaba for information or products. In the past, we had the first, second and third industries, with agricultural production, industrial manufacture, and services playing successive importance. In future, services would become the most important and more and more people would be working in this industry, providing various kinds of services to other people. In the service sector, the best companies would be building platforms, the second best design products, the third best marketing these services and products. Companies like Amazon, Baidu and Facebook will still be playing well for another twenty years, and products like Wechat and iphone will continue to consume the most time of every one’s life.

In the industrial world, products are mostly standardized, and still today; in future, more and more products shall be personalized, made according to different needs and wants. Still, business expansion goes into two extremes: scale and specialization. E-commerce will continue to grow from B2B to B2C to C2C to C2B to C2F, while physical shops will find its existence in more personal experience combining activities both online and offline. Production chains will go from producer-marketer-consumer to consumer-designer-producer. The idea of trade is going to be evolved or partially eliminated as more and more direct sale will take place, without the use of a middleman.

We often hear people say that the world is developing and we needs to strive for sustainable development. This has been a false argument. Development normally means to move forward or to get better day after day. But as time advances, the human does not necessarily become more advanced. As Karl Marks put it, “the worker becomes all poorer the more wealth he produces, the more his production increases in power and range. The worker becomes an ever cheaper commodity the more commodities he creates.” The world has developed into a stage of all governments advocating central management or more power given to state economic managers, while these governments do nothing more than just taxing their working people. Presently one percent of the world population owns over 90 percent of the world’s wealth. This is definitely a sign of social development.

In the past, most countries have undergone a process of plan economy and market economy or the combination of both; in the future, we will see more development of share economy or commune economy where production is to be based on wants and needs. Markets will be more open and government restrictions shall be challenged to a greater extent. There will be no single voice in the world of economics and politics; people like to express their own ideas and are asked to respect others at the same time. Differences will remain while people are trying to live with one another in harmony. The population of a country will be different into groups according to different interests; people belonging to one group or interest may be not able to know about or understand people in another group or interest. The idea of nationality and patriotism will lose its market in traditional terms and will take another form of existence with cultural tolerance. There will be groups of people who look and act very upfront while there will be other groups of people finding their abode in ancient traditions.

Germany is the most advanced industrial nation in term of industrial production and technological renovation, but it the time of the Romans, the Germanic were primitive people in the forests living together with livestock under one roof; they were astonished by the weapons and the metal articles of the ancient Romans. Industrial civilization started earlier in Istanbul than in London or Paris. When the Dutch people built the Wall Street in Manhattan, they did not realize that would become today’s financial center of the world. The 911 terror attacks might be seen as a turning point of a new era when human looks back later in history. The arrogance of the US not only does harm to the so-called “terrorist nation” like Iraq and Afghanistan, it also brings about sufferings to tens of thousand of American families.

Technology and so-called economic advancement have not brought about human happiness. Almost all investigations show that modern people are under greater pressure from work and family life than people in the old days. According to a statistics recently released by the Japanese media, a quarter of Japanese between the age of 20-50 have the tendency for suicide; a common Chinese saying is that “we are so poor that the only thing we have in mind is money”. When we read about ancient Chinese poetry, we see people in those days living in a more leisure and pleasure way, a more poetic life; but that is like a dream and truly history for people in modern time. That’s why some western philosophers are calling for a study into the traditional ideology of ancient Chinese people.

More and more people would become famous or rich at a young age and the public media is going to play an even greater role in the promotion of fame. The younger generation will have their own personalities out of the control or thought of their elders. People will go into politics at a younger age and challenge the bureaucracies. Political leaders would continue working to control the people using intelligence and modern technology; the risk of war is obvious but war preachers will have few followers. The term “terror” or ”terrorism” will become a joke and the preach of New World Order will lose ground. Governments that have been working to fool its people will find that they have been pushed aside by the time torrent and their efforts have been in vain. Fathers and grandfathers wake up to see their sons and grandsons protesting against them at home without going down to the streets.

The idea of cause and effect will show more reasons. The harder the string is pressed, the higher it will jump. When you do good, good things follow. Today we might see many people doing evil but live a good life of material wealth. But that is not the bigger part of the truth picture. Good people always live with a good fortune. When we look into the long river of history, we see sprays and waves wash away the stories and heroes. Form is emptiness. No one can hold long to his fame or wealth as water runs from rivers into the ocean.


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