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    The Grand Canal that serves not only as a means of transportation

    The Jing-Hang Grand Canal linking the Yellow River and Yangtze River nominally runs between Beijing and Hangzhou over a total length of 1,794 km. Its main role throughout its history was the transport of grain to the capital. 

    The Taiping Rebellion

    Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement was a massive rebellion or civil war in China that lasted from 1850 to 1864 fought between the established Manchu-led Qing dynasty and the millenarian movement of the Heavenly Kingdom of Peace.

    Destruction Of Chinese Books In The Peking Siege Of 1900

    PAPER The destruction of cultural treasures has attracted the fascination of scholars for centuries and no more than in modern times. Since before Alexandria, the effects of natural and human disasters on books and libraries...

    Debate on Travels of Marco Polo

    An authoritative version of Marco Polo's book does not and cannot exist, for the early manuscripts differ significantly. The published editions of his book either rely on single manuscripts, blend multiple versions together, or...

    Trump outraged South Koreans by saying Korea used to be part of China. Is...

    In the traditional Chinese Confucian view of the world, China is the Middle Kingdom between heaven and Earth, and everywhere else on Earth is subordinate to some degree.

    Banquet at Hongmen

    King Xiang accepted the jade and put it on the table. Yafu took the jade pecks, put them on the ground and broke them with his sword, saying (to Xiang Yu): "Ah! You idiot, I cannot help you! It shall be Pei Gong who will defeat you. We all will be imprisoned by him!" Upon arriving in his camp, Pei Gong executed Cao Wushang.


    Personality and achievements of Emperor Kangxi

    The Kangxi Emperor's reign of 61 years makes him the longest-reigning emperor in Chinese history (although his grandson, the Qianlong Emperor, had the longest period of de facto power) and one of the longest-reigning rulers in the world.

    History walks into future

      We live in a world of constant changes. History is a mirror. To know about the future and what actions we should take, we...

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